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Teamtribe Volleyball Academy

Our Mission: Teamtribe Volleyball Academy is an academy devoted to giving young Indigenous athletes a place to practice, be supported, and be a part of a community.


Visual Model

This is the hibiscus flower, an Indigenous flower of Hawaii. Randy Sakamoto is the creator of the design, and plays an active role in the engagement and continuation of Teamtribe Volleyball Academy. Randy gives his personal reflection and explanation of this design and what it means to him, and how it is geared for participants interested in TTVA.

“The white background represents the clouds and the wind.

The deep blue into the light blue represents the skies and waters.

The burnt red/orange into the orange represents

the multitude of sunsets.

The reddish brown into the lighter brown represents

the soil beneath our feet.

The deep to light green represents the foliage.

The darker purple into the lavender pink represents mountains

and the sunset on them.”

- Randy Sakamoto, Teamtribe Founder/Coach

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