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The Indigenous Women Rize project is a four-day workshop series created for Indigenous girls from ages 17 years old and up; as this is an important time when we begin exploring the respect we have for ourselves, our relationships with our families/kinships (siblings, cousins, and peers), and our romantic relations as we leave high school and transition into college, or into the workforce. 


Tribal Entities Connect observed and seeks to address one of the leading issues for Indigenous women and girls within urban Albuquerque, NM. By carrying out the practices given in this workshop, we can create and develop community-based planning actions and practices that empower women to protect themselves and their sisters, through learning the importance of their lives.

Overview of Workshop Series 

The major topics are conducted through a four-day series workshop, where focus areas transition kindly for young Indigenous women to grow and flourish with knowledge. They address practices that are both contemporary and traditional, pertaining to important relations, ultimately leading to the last workshop which puts topics into planning a course of action. Each workshop is a combination including academic readings, defining Indigenous terminology, facilitating activities, and Two of the workshops also include outdoor field trips, where participants will engage with 


A traditional language component is merged into the lunch hour session to reclaim this cultural and social aspect which was once vital to Indigenous nations worldwide.


Meals are provided throughout the workshop as a form to reclaim our kinship as Indigenous Peoples through offering food, prayers, blessings, and gifts of sustenance.





The IWR workshop genuinely provides a space for Indigenous women to feel brave as an individual to address these important topics, as opposed to being limited within common societal places. 

Relations and Kinship


By finding common threads through kinships and relationships, participants will be able to create and explore new Indigenous terms and techniques of how to build a support network among themselves, their families, and their communities.

Respect and Recognition 


Through finding internal respect for themselves as young women and for their sisters, students will be able to challenge the damaged narratives put onto them, and find physical and spiritual inner strength of why it is important to be recognized as an Indigenous woman in all spaces.

Our Bodies Connection to the Land


Exploring in local community resilience will help students understand the connections of our bodies to the surrounding lands and sustenance. Students will also learn to research and challenge ongoing environmental violence around their local communities as well as explore traditional environmental knowledge.

Community-based Planning and Action


Engaging in more creative and generative ways that allow participants to share their experiences, drive more conversations, and question/research why Indigenous women are being targeted significantly higher than other populations.

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